Augmented & Mixed Reality solutions  

    3D Scanning services

We develop technology enabling high AR experiences in several use case scenarios:


Production, assembly, installation, product change are just some of the processes on which our


It is now possible with our Augmented Reality tools to provide more authentic training while reducing travel costs in ways that were never possible before.


In preventive, corrective and in predictive maintenance process, our AR devices are at the highest level of development in reducing execution times, minimizing human errors.


Our AR technologies help handling risk and safety of workers and equipment working in the facilities.

Land 3D Scanning & Architectural Photography:

Schematic Floor Plans

 Generate black-and-white schematic floor plans for your property.


  Take measurements directly, eliminating an on-site visit.

Virtual Reality

Make your Spaces viewable in VR.

Immersive Walkthrough

3D Tours offer 3 immersive views of your property.

Aerial 3D Scanning & Aerial Photography:


Construction sites

Mobile 3D mapping for surveying earthwork projects.


High-resolution aerial data offers plant counts and establishment checks, detect weeds/disease.


inspect panels with visual and thermal imagery to detect defects.


Inspect of offshore assets.

Benefits of  Virtual & Augmented Reality solutions

3D simulations of Rigs Oil & Gas:

Augmented  Reality is a safe space to practice maintenance, train new staff, and carry out design projects.

Remote Collaboration:

Plant management can be performed by teams working in multiple geographies, but sitting in the same virtual room – perfect for facilities that are usually located in remote locations.

Remote Maintenance:

With AR glasses, servicemen and plant operators can be guided by a remote team – thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the risks associated with mass hiring.

Safety and Training:

Self-guided VR/AR safety and training modules increase knowledge retention, reduce errors by 90%, save time by 50% and reduce training material costs.

Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours

Upgrade Your Brand

We offer you a unique product of its kind adds to your brand excellence and quality.

Differentiate From the Competition

Adding virtual tours to your customers service that helps you to reach them wherever they are.

Provide Information in Detail

Through the development of information signals, you can highlight the features and benefits of each thing to appear in the Virtual Tour.

Access to Remote Decision Makers

It enables remote clients to take full and detailed picture of the spatial location without an actual visit.

Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Website

360 Virtual Tours will enable your customers to visit your website to take a tour of the place by default.

Stronger Engagement

Engage your audience in depth and deliver the information as and when they’d like it.


We provide our services to all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabic Gulf States